[CT Birds] Warning to members of this list

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sun Nov 24 20:08:04 EST 2013

This maybe off topic but is about a danger to anyone who has a  Facebook 
account, and I know that applies to many members of this list. Today I  
received an email with the subject:
"Mntncougar, 3 messages marked as unread"
I'm used to emails like that from Facebook, although they normally  say 2 
messages, not 3.  Most all the people I know on Facebook are  birders. I 
generally ignore these emails but decided to open this one.  When I did it 
looked like a regular Facebook email, although it did contain the  line:
"3 private messages that must be read"
Curious, I clicked on "View Messages" and a page started to open  but 
immediately a window from my anti-virus (AVG) popped up saying a virus had  been 
detected and deleted. After I recovered from the shock I took a closer look  
at the email.  The sender was;
<zmsja at fingercompanies.com>
Which is not remotely like the sender on a Facebook email (they  begin with 
"notifications ...").
I strongly suggest that you all check any mail you get from  Facebook 
before you open it. "Friends" don't send friends viruses.  

Don  Morgan

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