[CT Birds] Snowy in Stratford today

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Sat Nov 30 18:22:46 EST 2013

Update on Jay's report of the Snowy Owl at Long Beach in Stratford today: We arrived (along with several others, including a couple from New Jersey) ~11:00 am. The owl had moved further down the beach, away from the parking lot. After walking ~1/2 mile (2/3? 4/7? Something like that...) the owl was seen, sitting on the edge of the sand away from the tide. After watching it ~15 minutes, some people taking a stroll from the other direction unknowingly flushed him, and he flew directly towards the assembled birders, flying fairly low + fairly close. He was re-spotted shortly thereafter, at much closer range, sitting on a rusty signpost, much closer to the parking lot. He was still there at ~12:30.

Also at Long Beach: a common loon, a couple of Purple Finch and a bunch of Snow Buntings.

Good luck with the owl spotting,
Jonah Cohen

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