[CT Birds] FORK TAILED FLYCATCHER found today and confirmed - HADLYME FERRY - unpaved Parking Lot - near Gillette Castle

mcavallero1 at comcast.net mcavallero1 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 30 21:51:28 EST 2013

Ct Birders: 

I am posting this exciting find on behalf of Jeff Feldmann (Hartford Audubon member) who emailed me some photos tonight  of an unusual bird he saw today near the Hadlyme Ferry launch - and i identified the bird and confirmed my opinion with Paul Desjardins (he saw the photos and verified the ID) 

Fork Tailed Flycatcher - sighted and photographed in a swampy/marshy area on the right hand side of the unpaved parking lot area - of the Hadlyme Ferry launch / Gillette Castle . 

It was sitting on a branch overlooking a stream in the marshy area that was half frozen on right hand side of the parking lot.  People can park there - it's a public area.      

Any one wanting to see photos, please email me offline and I can share them on Jeff's behalf.  Jeff deserves the credit on this excellent find!   He told me he almost fell in the water trying to get the photos - but he got a few and they are perfect for the ID! 

Mona Cavallero / Jeff Feldmann 
West Hartford, CT 


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