[CT Birds] Snowy Owls and People's Behavior

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Sun Dec 1 14:14:10 EST 2013

The Snowy Owls travel far.  They arrive tired, hungry and probably nervous and confused about their new surroundings.  Give them a reasonable amount of space. Both ":nature" photographers and birders have been known to push the limits.  Please let's think of the birds more and not of your own selfish need to get a photo that you probably are't going to make any money on or hang it on your darn wall anyway!  Feed your ego somewhere else.  Other people would also like a chance to see the Owls - happily from a far or through someone else's scope.
Over the weekend I ran into a birder who relayed a story to me about one of the birds spotted in Stratford.   I suggested she post here but said she doesn't want to start a war.  Well on behalf of the birds, I will pass it along.  A birder with binos was getting closer and closer to the Snowy.  The bird was visibly moving around as the person got closer to get a photo with their smart phone.  Her suggestion that they were getting to close fell on deaf ears.  The bird flew off. The person(s) will know who they are and I hope they stop.  I would probably not be as tactful if I should run into a person.   I do not know who the birder with the smart phone was and I'm glad I don't as I would lose all respect for them as a birder.

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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