[CT Birds] Lake Waramaug December 1

Peary Stafford pearydstafford at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 15:45:12 EST 2013

A tour of the lake today produced an array of waterfowl:
    About 700 Common Mergansers
    Roughly 200 Ring-necked Ducks
    About 30 Ruddies
    Lots of Mallards and Canadas
    Seventeen Hooded Mergansers
    A Pied-billed Grebe
    A Common Loon
    One Bufflehead
    And earlier, an interesting vignette, when we watched a Bald Eagle
repeatedly dive on a female or young male Common Merganser.  The Eagle
would swoop, the Merganser would dive, the Eagle would circle, and the
process would repeat.  The Merganser never seemed to dive like it would be
capable of doing and the Eagle at times appeared submerged in pursuit.  In
the end, the Merg won, as the Eagle retreated to a tree well away from the
field of combat and the Merganser joined the big flock a ways away.
Peary and BK

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