[CT Birds] Hadlyme Fork-tailed Flycatcher Observations

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Sun Dec 1 17:24:13 EST 2013

The Hadlyme Ferry Launch Fork-tailed Flycatcher has significantly less black on the head than did the Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary bird of 17 November-4 December 2010.  Rather than having black on the crown that curves down fairly symmetrically onto the nape (as with the Cove Island bird), the Hadlyme bird shows a sharp, downsweeping, curved demarkation of black anterior to the nape.  When perched near or on the ground, the Hadlyme bird appeared alert to its surroundings, perhaps looking for flying insects in addition to the available berries.  It was probably equally alert when perched well up in trees.  Its flight was airy and reminiscent of a cuckoo except for the ultra-thin tail dragging behind.  The forking of the tail was visible on occasion when the bird was perched and adjusting its stance.  The chilling cold and some light rain were very apparent when the flycatcher was out of sight for two or three 15-20 minute stretches (late morning-early afternoon), but that was quickly forgotten whenever the bird reappeared for extended views.

Steve Broker

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