[CT Birds] Triple crown

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Dec 2 18:59:50 EST 2013

Or maybe a Trifecta. Anyhow I wound up with three good  birds today. When I 
arrived at the Hadlyme Ferry in the fog this  morning at least a dozen 
people were looking at the Fork-tailed Flycatcher.  Of course it flew just as I 
got out of the car, but fortunately not too far, and  ended up perching in a 
spot where it was pretty easy to see and get a few  pictures. Record shots 
because it was dark and foggy out, but good enough. 
Remembering Frank M's question about seeing the pair I  headed west to 
Stratford and found A Snowy Owl sitting on the outer Milford  breakwater (from 
Short Beach, Stratford) around 11:30 AM. There was  a  Peregrine Falcon 
sitting on the breakwater about 100 yards from the Owl. I  stopped at Milford 
point about 1:30 and the Owl was gone, but there were 2  Peregrines on the 
breakwater then. 
And on the way back to I-95 I stopped at Jonathan Law HS in  Milford and 
got the gorgeous Male Eurasian Widgeon on the little pond out back. 
I also had an immature Snow Goose at Seaside Park in  Bridgeport. 
Haven't been to the shore much this year so this was a very  nice day.
Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Hadlyme ferry
Snowy Owl, Milford Breakwater
Eurasian Widgeon, Jonathan Law HS, Milford
Snow Goose, Seaside Park, Bridgeport
2 Peregrine Falcons, Milford breakwater and also Long Beach,  Stratford 
(same birds?)
Don Morgan

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