[CT Birds] Snowy Owl Discussion

Joseph Cala Joejr14 at aol.com
Thu Dec 5 21:08:19 EST 2013


Funny that you suggest that someone must be monitoring these things---I 
thought the same thing last night while doing research. However, 
research on Snowy Owls and lemmings both appear to be few and far 
between.  I'm sure that has everything to do with location given that 
these birds are breeding thousands of miles north of us--in many cases 
WELL above the Arctic circle--there just appears to be limited research.

 From what I did read it appears that lemmings tend to go through a four 
year cycle of bust and booms, but of course those cycles can change.  
 From the number of owls we've seen in the northeast and the numbers 
reported in the midwest--it sure seems that this years irruption will 
certainly exceed the 2011 one.  While a two year lemming boom cycle 
seems short, I didn't see anything that would rule it out, especially if 
Snowy's had a poor breeding year in 2012 that helped lemming populations 

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