[CT Birds] Snowy Owl Discussion

Dave Provencher hikerbirder at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 00:50:33 EST 2013

I too am aware how much friendlier CTBirds is than quite a few other
forums/boards. And this is not just true in the birder realm. I
also monitor a number of hiking forums and I can assure you CTBirds is much

I started birding almost 25 years ago and my experience is that birding in
CT has always been pretty friendly, but I would say it's friendlier overall
now. There have always been, and will always be, certain individuals who
like to stir up trouble or disparage other birders, but that's just a
reflection of the poor character of those individuals and their own
personal demons.

I enjoy healthy discussion and appreciate hearing other opinions that
challenge my views and motivate me to try to learn more about a particular
issue. If you are not going to have an open mind in a discussion, whether
online or in "real life", than you might as well write your thoughts on a
rock and toss it in a pond for all the good it's going to do you.

I for one don't want birding to be simple, discussions to be one sided, or
my hiking to be effortless. If my mind and body isn't being challenged, I
am wasting my life.


On Thursday, December 5, 2013, Mark Szantyr wrote:

> Birding was so much simpler and much friendlier, even a bit more fun a
> decade or two ago.
> Mark
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