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Since the question was brought up, I should mention that I use the daily list intensively, both as a quick and easy reference before going out for a day of birding and also to compile sightings in the Hartford area for the Hartford Audubon field notes column that I write. If anyone knows how much time it takes to compile the CT Daily list it would be me, and I have always been very appreciative to Roy for doing that work lo these many years. I'm sure it saves me untold hours of aggravating research when putting together my column for HAS. I would grieve if it were to go away. 

Jamie Meyers 
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Just wanted to take a moment to thank Roy for his very well organized posts of the past few days on our OTHER CT bird site: CT Daily. (They are always well done, but right now even more so) Rather than just enumerate sightings he has gleaned all the relevant info re: all the rarities and organized them under particular headings. That is a lot of work. I think most of us realize that. 

That brought me to think about another issue. Sometimes it comes up in speaking with other birders: Do we really need that list? Often in the past, I have said that for me I rarely use it, preferring to read avidly and carefully all the posts on CT Birds. And I have also expressed my opinion that having only one site would certainly save Saint Roy a lot of work and duplicated efforts. HOWEVER, I have really been using CT Daily a lot lately, due to all the owls, Eur wigeons, geese etc. and greatly appreciate his organized capsule summaries. And if I am out of state, I sometimes take a quick look at this list. This past week, reading CT Daily early in the morn or just before bed helps me get a handle on the overall picture of what is going on out there. It is as if the CTBird site appeals to our concrete sequential side and the CT Daily appeals to our abstract side. 

Now, I do not want to start one of those LONG and often ANNOYING discussions that go on for days here, but as I said above, I have rethought the need for CT Daily in the last few days and I thought I would send out some of my thoughts. Perhaps others could share their thoughts ORALLY with COA board members and Roy, or simply think again about thanking Roy when you see him. Most of us could never handle, nor would we want to, all that work. 

P.s. not trying to open up a can of worms/birds. So, trying to do this with an eye to keeping this discussion offline in the hands of our very able and articulate COA board. 

Carolyn Cimino 

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