[CT Birds] Lord of the Flycatcher

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 6 01:07:04 EST 2013

This is a response to a post from Dan Rottino in regards to what areas are
Acceptable to view the flycatcher. 
The ferry launch and park are either town or state owned, therefore
Public property. Would you approach people who were playing frisbee or
Throwing a football around and tell them not to because of the bird ?
Or if some kids were in the parking lot playing music and making noise
and you or some one else said something to them about it ? You could
Put yourself in a position for possible arrest or worse if you try to impose
Restrictions on the wrong person.
And that would be a black eye on the birder/photographer community.
( Pun Intended ) as well as 
That flycatcher, like the snowy owls may never have encountered humans
And would go about it's routine regardless of how many people were present.
If the flycatcher was viewable from the parking lot , then everyone went there.
If it moved to the ledge / park area, then everyone migrated there, so what is the
Difference ?
Example: Hudsonion Godwit at hammo. That bird was virtually oblivious to everything
Going on around it, literally as the first week it was there a ring of vehicles surrounded
It like an old western movie, the vehicles the indians and the wagon the godwit. In addition
To cross country events, dogs, kite flying and model airplanes and it just stayed and ate and
For over a month. 
When I went to hammo for the godwit I got out of my car with my scope and was behind
Two cars and was going to walk a couple of feet forward and a photographer who was
Taking pictures in his car halted me and told me not to proceed as I would flush the bird.
His tone was not even remotely polite. nothing short of a deep purple concert would have 
Flushed that bird.
Moral of the story ( As in the novel )  
Take caution when attempting to govern the actions of others, As it very well may end up disastrous,
For those who attempt to govern and the ranks of the community.

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