[CT Birds] Flush imminent?

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Fri Dec 6 10:29:39 EST 2013

First, a big "what they said" in thanking everyone on ctbirding for both thoughtful (+ civil) bird talk, and of course for spreading the word on the birds. It's only thanks to this list that I got to see 2 spectacular lifers in the last week.

To move from specific to general... there's been talk in re: the snowy owls about how close one should or shouldn't approach the owls to avoid flushing or stressing them. 

I know it varies by species, and even individual animal, but would the group-mind here say there are any, let's say guidelines for knowing how close to get, or knowing when to back the heck off? 

We all know that some birds disregard people because they've never seen humans, or perhaps they've seen so many that they don't regard us as a threat, or regard us as potential snack-dispensers (we've all seen chickadees land on people, right?) Other birds act as tho "they can see me - that's too damn close!" (Mentioning no individuals. Connecticut Warbler.) Sometimes body language makes it clear the bird is agitated. Other times... not so much.

Jonah Cohen

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