[CT Birds] Snowy Owl, Milford Point, 12/06/13

Stephen Spector charsjs at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 6 14:46:23 EST 2013

>From Steve Spector, Snowy Owl, Milford Point (Francis Street spit, and the western extension of the spit; also know as the Piping Plover sandbar), 11:45 AM-1:40 PM, mainly sitting on logs, flushed by a fisherman around 1:40.  Flew in front of Charles Island and landed on Gulf Beach.  Next seen on Charles Island, where it was probably flushed by a sailboat around 2:10 PM.  While on the Mlfd Pt spit it sallied forth twice in the direction of a female RB Merganser but made no attack.
charsjs at sbcglobal.net

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