[CT Birds] Belted Kingfisher

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 6 16:34:50 EST 2013

The last two mornings I've had a kingfisher on the wires next to the 91 side of Bishops pond on Research pkwy in Meriden. I leave for lunch around 10ish and have seen it around 10:30 on my way back to work.  It appears to be a healthy adult sitting and looking for fish.  The last one I saw was the 2nd week of October so I'm pretty sure this is not our "local" nesting bird.

Research is part of my CBC area, so I kinda hope it stays around for next weekend, although with the weather conditions predicted for next week, I hope he/she is long gone to warmer and sunny climes

Ricki Soucy

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