[CT Birds] snowy owls (long)

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Thanks Chris!

I would think when Snowys choose to hunt is likely at least influenced by
conditions and demands and would thus be somewhat variable. Much like Great
Horneds hunting in daylight/twighlight when feeding several larger owlets.
Certainly during the Snowy breeding season there is only various degrees of
daylight depending on latitude. It wouldn't hurt if birders post any
observations of Snowys appearing to be hunting, as some already have.

I was aware of the Kerlinger and Lein paper. As you elude, one study from a
different region is just a data point, albeit an important one. My take on
what they presented is that in a region that offers a greater area of
familiar and supportive habitat than the northeast, 55% of the
available specimens had less than a moderate fat pack. Clearly more
research would be immensely helpful, but that's true of our understanding
of our planet in general. I wonder how much needed environmental research
could be done for the cost of an aircraft carrier?


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