[CT Birds] snowy owls (long)

Dave Provencher hikerbirder at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 09:23:06 EST 2013

I pretty much agree with everything you wrote Chris. As you obviously know,
the complexity of these aspects of the Owl's natural history goes far
beyond our discussion. I was trying to be very brief in my note as a
hundred different parameters and influences on the birds were swirling in
my thoughts, and my brevity (and lack of clarity) somewhat skewed what I
was trying to express.

I think what we as birders should take away from this is how little we know
about this, and many other, species. There are no "simple" realities in the
natural world and I for one have the deepest respect and admiration for
those individuals who advance our knowledge base, and do so on inadequate
and unpredictable funding.


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