[CT Birds] Thimble Islands charter boat trip sign-up

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 01:02:03 EST 2013

As a part of the LIS BirdCount we are planning a 4-hour cruise around the
Thimble Islands and nearby islands off Branford/Guilford CT during the next
few weeks.

We are trying to pick out the best day to do this.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in joining this trip please go to the following
Doodle and let us know (by adding a line to this Doodle) which days(s)
would be of interest to you.....
Doodle: Charter around Thimble Islands
Please let us know soon, by filling in the Doodle (or emailing me).
We are guessing that this one 4-hour trip will most likely fall into the
Dec 18-22 period.

Thanks to Keith Mueller we have found a lobster fisherman who is willing to
give us one four-hour bird survey ride around the Thimble Islands area, on
his 42foot lobster boat, at a cost of $500. He will take up to six persons.
If you would like to join us and be among these six passengers, your cost
would be $500/6= $83.33, or more if we get less than 6 passengers.

Capt. Bart Mansi and his wife Janice Mansi Guilford Lobster Pound
established in 1991, selling freshly caught
 <<our captain and his boat

Of course there is no guarantee on the weather (but we will not go if it is
too windy that morning), or the birds..... and once you commit, your money
belongs to the captain (assuming he sails).

Tom Robben
robben99 at gmail.com
Glastonbury CT

PS....   note that this trip is part of our current LIS BirdCount....
Long Island Sound Bird Count <http://lisbirdcount.blogspot.com/>
This December count is going very well, with 40 eBird LIS checklists shared
with us already, from both CT and NY.

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