[CT Birds] JFK Snowy Owl story may be on Today Show tomorrow (Tuesday) morning + Great video of Norm Smith on Snowy behavior

Don Crockett doncrockett63 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 19:30:22 EST 2013

Mary Noonan Keleher posted this on the New York Birders Facebook page:

"For those interested, Shawn Carey of Migration Productions posted this to
Massbird tonight "Norman Smith was contacted by NBC in NYC and the Today
program may be doing a story about this very subject Tuesday morning, we
shall see. Norman had NBC contact me about some video I have of him
releasing a Snowy Owl on Plum Island [in the winter of 2012]. To see this
video of Norman here's the link:

Norm is in charge of the relocation program at Logan Airport.

In the video Norm gives a great description of what they've learned from 30
years of relocating owls at Logan from measurements, banding and satellite
tracking data. It addresses a lot of the recent discussion here. For
example in the 30 years they've been relocating owls, in the years when
there were a lot of owls, 90% were young birds, and they were in excellent
condition. They've used night vision cameras to view the birds after dark
and he says "These birds turn into a totally different creature when the
sun goes down..." Great stuff!

I emailed Norm before this all blew up this morning asking about the 20
owls that he was reported to have relocated this season in the NY Daily
News article. His response was "Birds I have captured so far have been in
good condition."


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