[CT Birds] Possible inland Snowy Owl

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Mon Dec 9 22:28:40 EST 2013


Take this story for what it's worth..

My oldest daughter was looking at my youngest daughter's ipad, browsing
through her instagram account.  As she was perusing it, she came across a
photo of a snowy owl.  The kid who posted it stated she took the picture in
her backyard.  It looked like it was taken in a backyard, but was a tight
shot so I couldn't be certain.  I had my youngest daughter pose some
questions on the photo.  The photographer said she took the photo y'day
(Sunday) and last saw the bird about noon.

If it was an ordinary backyard, I'd be skeptical, but I looked up where
these people live in Prospect and there is a big field behind her
backyard..so..maybe..  You never know.


John Triana
jtriana1 at sbcglobal.net
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