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Tue Dec 10 15:52:16 EST 2013

As was mentioned - seeing the Flycatcher eating berries to survive is not unusual.
I have noticed through the years myself, many insectivores turning to berries when the weather gets cold. They just don't lay down and die when insects are not around. I remember observing insectivore birds such as Phoebe, Kingbird, Crested Fly, many Thrushes, Catbird, Tree Swallow, Pine Warbler, Kinglets, Vireos, and many woodpeckers eating late over wintering berries such as Dogwood, Viburnum, Virginia Creeper, Grape, Poison Ivy, Sumac, Chokeberries, Myrtle, Cedar, and even some hearty domestic berries as well. Did anyone out there read about the boy who survived eating Grass only to survive for a long time? I know, not a bird, but interesting what creatures can eat to stay alive. Native Indians ate earth worms when food was scarce - anything to survive, yes?

Paul Carrier - Harwinton  

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