[CT Birds] A different point of view

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Dec 10 19:49:24 EST 2013

I know I'll incur the wrath of some of our icons, but I'm going  to 
disagree with Mark, Patrick and others, to a point at least. 
First a point of agreement: I do NOT think we should interfere  with nature 
with regard to an out of place bird so long as the bird appears  healthy and
 seems to be doing well. And as far as I know that is currently the  status 
of the FT Flycatcher. However, when either the bird's condition or  
impending weather makes it obvious that it will soon die without intervention I  
think that suggests that some action COULD be taken if someone is willing to  
take the  responsibility. And especially with regard to birds such as the  
flycatcher or the Simsbury Calliope of a few years ago I personally feel that 
 perhaps we "owe" them something for the pleasure they afforded so many. 
This is  not to in any way suggest any individual was wrong in their actions, 
but I have  always felt that it was wrong to let the Calliope die "alone in 
the cold" when  something could have been done.
And I will feel the same if a like situation arises with the  flycatcher. 
Currently I am still hopeful that there will be another outcome,  since I 
feel a flycatcher is far better equipped to endure, at least  temporarily, very 
harsh conditions. And I believe it is also more likely able to  actually 
escape to the south if somehow it determines that is what it should do.  
Unfortunately I think the Calliope may have been trapped by human kindness,  
encouraged to stay by abundant food until it was too late  to escape. 
But I wonder what will happen if someone arrives one  morning and finds the 
flycatcher weakly fluttering on the ground in the  middle of the parking 
Aside from this immediate situation, I believe that what  most people on 
this list would do is try and gently capture the bird and take it  to a 
rehabber post haste, even if it was a bird they had never seen or heard of  
previously. So why pre-ordain that if our famous flycatcher ultimately can't  make 
it on its own it should die?  

Don  Morgan

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