[CT Birds] Snowy Owl at Rentschler

Dasinger, Andrew M UTRC dasingam at utrc.utc.com
Wed Dec 11 11:08:33 EST 2013

12/11 - East Hartford, Rentschler Field - 1 SNOWY OWL in flight over the stadium, chased by a few crows, then a Great Black-backed Gull, going north.

The window of my office faces the UConn stadium, and I have been thinking of driving around the area before work the past several days given the wide expanse of open land. 10 minutes ago I saw a whitish bird accompanied by two crows and pretty quickly realized it wasn't a gull! No binoculars, but the bright white plumage, body and wing shape, crows in pursuit etc. all screamed Snowy Owl.  The two crows abandoned it, and as it glided in a circle a Great Black Backed Gull made a little dive on it.  It changed direction and went east, then I lost it.  A little later I saw a big mass of crows stirred up, so I assume this was a result of the owl.  Cabelas would be a good vantage point if it's hanging around the area, though when I last saw it (in flight), it was a bit north of the stadium. (Hope someone sees it on Saturday for the Hartford CBC)

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