[CT Birds] Silly numbers of Snowy Owls in Newfoundland

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Fri Dec 13 11:28:31 EST 2013

Bruce MacTavish et al., counted 300 Snowy Owls in Newfoundland this past weekend...with some birds seen flying in high off the Ocean. It seems most of these birds are originating in the northern Quebec region (and not Greenland where numbers are reported to be normal).

Lemmings have been in abundance this summer with pictures from a nest site showing 70 lemmings and eight voles brought to the nest before the eggs have even hatched!

There is currently one onboard a container vessel heading to Antwerp and a bird in western England is surely a similar ship-assisted bird.

Hope most of these ermine-garbed creatures find some grub this winter since I don't like the prospect of finding dead ones!

Julian Hough
New Haven, CT 06519


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