[CT Birds] 2 adult Iceland Gulls

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Dec 14 13:01:43 EST 2013

Madison, Circle Beach. 2 adult Iceland Gulls ("FC") continues and an  
additional large adult possibly one of the other Gulls from last year  
..it seemed to recognize me and appeared familiar with my routine.  
Stunning Gull! The Gulls are starting to assemble here with nearly 400  
so far, the most I have seen.

Also over 200 Dunlin with a few Ruddy Turnstone and Purple Sandpipers.  
The Shorebirds flew west towards Guilford Harbor.

***Just a Reminder*** Remember Circle Beach is a Private Beach, Please  
Do Not walk up onto the beach unless I am there; you can join me.  
Otherwise, view the Gulls from the road. The owners have been very  
generous in allowing me private access to the beach, I would hate to  
have that compromised.

Keith Mueller

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