[CT Birds] Snowy Owls: putting this year's record breaking numbers in CT and elsewhere into perspective PART2

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 00:22:05 EST 2013

OK, ok, i stand corrected:  the NYBR cbc had its high count of 4 snowy owls
TWICE (1937 and 1949), and this weekend's FIFTEEN snowy owls in this
Brooklyn NY cbc is not exactly four times larger than the four seen in 1937
and 1949  (15/4=3.something),   but the general idea is still true, that
this snowy owl irruption is AT LEAST a "one-hundred-year-event" (we do not
have Christmas Bird Counts which go back 200 or 500 years, which might
prove it to be a "500-year-event")! and bears some more investigating. Was
it due to a warm spring and a bumper crop of arctic rodents, or WHAT?
 These kinds of large changes may indicate a chain-reaction of other large
(but not so obvious) changes we need to learn more about.
Tom Robben

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