[CT Birds] North Western areas of CT

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Mon Dec 16 16:55:07 EST 2013

Today, we went around the North Western areas of CT - Norfolk, Canaan Mt etc looking for winter birds. It was as dead as we have ever seen! Many miles of total birdless sky and land! Common birds were only seen at 3 different bird feeders, and the only birds seen not at feeders were 2 Bluebirds and a perched Red-t-Hawk!
We did not see one Raven anywhere, even in the sky! Total birds seen - all at or near feeders were:

Junco - many
Chickadee - lots
Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Mourning Dove
Blue jay
C Crow
2 Turkey
3 - Tree Sparrow - only non resident bird seen!
1 - Hermit Thrush - eating berries next to a feeder!

Winter finches have not arrived yet here in NW CT - to be continued...

Paul Carrier - Jim Moore

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