[CT Birds] Some notes from the Quinipiac CBC

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Tue Dec 17 09:41:46 EST 2013

Corrie can certainly offer more details, but at our group tally, this year's Quinipiac Valley CBC totals looked to be... kind of average.

I personally hit a several spots around Wallingford (not much by water, and what I did see was frozen over). Notables included a couple of Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers, 3 Ruby Crowned Kinglets, 4 Hermit Thrushes and 6 Eastern Towhees. Birding thru the snow Sunday was nicer than the wind and 15 degree temps of Saturday.

Conspicuous by their absence: I do the QV + Hartford Counts, and this is the second year in a row that I saw no Yellow-Rumped Warblers on either one. (Some other counters did.) Cause for concern, or are the little guys just avoiding me?

Jonah Cohen

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