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Dave Provencher hikerbirder at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 20:05:07 EST 2013

As I've mentioned ad nauseum, I hike a lot and I hike a lot of miles, well
over 1000 miles in CT so far this year. I've noticed that what I encounter
along the way is often at odds with what other birders notice at feeders or
at their usual birding haunts. In winter I frequently encounter roving
flocks of Chickadees and Titmice as well as long gaps of no birds at all.
I've noticed a few posts recently referring to a lack of forest/rural birds
around but on Saturday I hiked 10 miles in the Norwich area and birds were
in evidence in large numbers. I encounter good numbers of Chickadees,
Titmice, Cedar Waxwings, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Eastern Bluebirds, and
many hundreds of Robins and Juncos, among others. On other hikes
recently I've done 10 or more miles and encountered few birds. I agree with
Chris's post that the best way to try and quantify trends is long term
repeatable protocols such as breeding bird surveys. As birders, I think we
are more conscious of the times we note the absence of common birds than we
note their presence. I know I can be a bit guilty of that when I'm hiking.
Heck I hear Boreal Chickadees pretty much every time I hike the White
Mountains, and I keep moving more often than I stop to look because I
expect to encounter them and only just barely register they're nearby. But
when I hike the Whites and don't encounter them I think, "that's odd!" But
truth be told, it really isn't!


On Tuesday, December 17, 2013, wrote:

> Funny but today I noticed the opposite..More Chickadees than usual. I
> filled the sunflower feeder and immediately thre or four were swooping in
> to take
> just one heart at a time.  Also, an increase in Juncos.
> Maryann in Niantic</HTML>

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