[CT Birds] More Connecticut CBC Data on Tufted Titmouse

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Tue Dec 17 21:34:08 EST 2013

From Steve Broker (Cheshire):

The trend in increasing numbers of Tufted Titmouse in Connecticut on the early winter Christmas Bird Count is rather dramatic over the past 6 decades.  Again using raw numbers (not adjusted for total party hours, and without mentioning the number of CT CBCs or participants), here are the Connecticut statewide totals for Tufted Titmouse for selected years:

1950-51:  5 Tufted Titmice total
1951-52:  27
1952-53:  51
1953-54:  76
1954-55:  81
1955-56:  109 (first year with >100 individuals)
1956-57:  172
1957-58:  195
1958-59:  340
1959-60:  431
1960-61:  522

1965-66:  1,150

1969-70:  2,440

1980-81:  3,290

1987-88:  4,044

1993-94:  5,285

Tufted Titmouse is one of various "southern" species that have expanded their breeding and wintering ranges northward since the middle of the last century, attributed in part to the widespread use of bird feeders in the Northeast.

It would be interesting to compare Connecticut CBC data (adjusting for observer effort) with the analysis of Breeding Bird Survey data given at ctbirdtrends.org for those species that occur in reasonable numbers in Connecticut both as breeding species and as early wintering species.

[The last year that Boreal Chickadee occurred on a Connecticut CBC is 1993-94 at Pawling, New York/Hidden Valley, Connecticut.  In 1969-70, a total of 23 Boreal Chickadees were reported on CT CBCs!]


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