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I never throw anything out.  These are from the Daily report, for which I have an almost-complete collection dating back to 30 Nov 1999.  The search was on the word "boreal", and then I ignored the owls.  I am including all of each report even though only one little bit matters to this discussion; it nothing else it shows how the Daily evolved over time, particularly from the very early days.  Note that the last of them preceded the start of the CTBirds list by over three years.

 From 08 Dec 1999
 >From Dan Drega:
I had a Boreal Chickadee in the cedars at Willard's Island Saturday 12/5. I
down the trail marked 11 as your coming off the trail going to the observation
platform looking out in to the marsh, when halfway down the trail I heard the
call of a Boreal Chickadee. I stopped and spished, whistled like  a screech owl
and like a saw-whet owl. the bird wouldn't stay still or came out into the
open. It was in a flock of Black-cappeds. the bird was low about eye level in
the bushes of the cedars on the left of the trail. the call was slower and
hoarser than the black-cappeds that came out to scold me it was 
real distinctive and got my attention big time. There was also some Bonapare's
Gulls flying towards the sound and about 20 Buffleheads on the river with a
Drake Hooded Merganser.

 From  06 Jan 2002
 From Mark Barriger:
1/6 - Goshen, Mohawk Mountain, Black Spruce Bog - BOREAL CHICKADEE at the 
end of the board walk in the bog.
Mohawk Mountain can be reached from Route 4 in Goshen.  Coming from the 
junction of Rtes 63 and 4 go west on 4 for about 2 - 3 miles (sorry using 
maps to judge this) take a left on Allyn St. which merges into Mohawk 
Mountain Road.  When you get to the end of a cluster of park buildings on 
the left there is a sign on the right for the trail to Black Spruce 
Bog.  Walk up the trail, past the power cut to the board walk.

 From 08 Jan 2002
 From Mark Szantyr with Greg Hanisek via Dori:
1/8 - Goshen, Mohawk Mountain, Black Spruce Bog - no BOREAL CHICKADEE
Hagamann-Sheehan Rd feeders - COMMON REDPOLLS, PINE SISKINS
Canaan, Canaan Mountain Rd - AMERICAN PIPIT

 From 11 Feb 2004:
 From Noble Proctor via Jim Hunter:
2/11 - Tolland, South River Road just past farm on left - 2 BOHEMIAN 
WAXWINGS feeding in Cherry tree and Bittersweet with CEDAR WAXWINGS.
-Westford, Exit 72 off of I-84, south on CT 89 past shopping center on 
right, there will be a gravel pit on LEFT -- 2 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS feeding in 
an Apple Tree in a front yard.
- Union, Bigelow Hollow State Park -- 1 RUFFED GROUSE continue to end of 
road at Mashapaug Pond - 1 BOREAL CHICKADEE in with 15 BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES.

From 13 Feb 2004:
Thanks to Fred Norton for his report that he did not find the Boreal 
Chickadee in Bigelow Hollow State Partk yesterday or today.

Roy Harvey
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