[CT Birds] Chickadee chatter

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Great posts.  I admit, I too have seen fewer Chickadees lately.  But I'm convinced that having a couple fewer Chickadee at my backyard feeder, may not mean necessarily mean a crash of the entire Holarctic population.  

Here's a slight change of subject.  I've commented before about hand-feeding Chickadees sunflower seeds.  There are spots where Titmice, WB Nuthatches and even Downy Woodpeckers are hand-fed.  For example at Morton NWR (Sag Harbor, NY), frequent feeding by multiple visitors occurs along the nature trails.  

But Chickadees are the "easiest".  With some patience and a slight ache to a static, extended shoulder, Chickadees will readily eat out of your hand.

Steve Mayo

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Enjoyed the various comments and data concerning the black-capped chickadees here. One of my favorite bird species and I love the other chickadee species too. I am in the habit of taking down my solo black-oiled sunflower bird feeder at night here because of past raccoon trouble. When I go to put my feeder up in the morning there are usually a couple of black-capped chickadees waiting not too patiently for me to get the feeder in place. By the way the Irish cousin, in terms of looks, of the black-capped chickadee is the coal tit.
David W Babington
Washington, CT 
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