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And the Quinnipiac State Forest had a couple sightings 30 years ago.  Perhaps Buzz Devine has a record or two.   

One day, North Haven's Ed Shove came home to find his wife had hand-written a telephone message:  "BOILED CHICKADEE AT BANTON STREET"   

Steve Mayo

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I am digging in to yet another archive.  Old timers may remember the Birds This Week reports.  I have a variety of them too - but not the underlying data.  Here is what I found.
November 10, 1993

Boreal Chickadee - Hammonasset Beach SP, Madison
November 17, 1999
BOREAL CHICKADEE - Hammonasset Beach SP, Madison; Smith Richardson Audubon 
Sanctuary ; Greenwich Audubon Center

December 15, 1999
BOREAL CHICKADEE - Hammonasset Beach SP, Madison
I know nothing about how that set of data was managed except that it was passed from one person to another.

And now there are the transcripts of the old answering machine system.  Well not exactly transcripts, they were more like the scripts that were read, and they were mailed around more than they went on the phone.  But here is what I have from there.

CT RBA 12/15/99
Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison continues to offer interesting bird
sightings.  There was a BOREAL CHICKADEE present in the cedar trees on
Willard's Island on December 5th.  On December 8th, there was a juvenile
NORTHERN GOSHAWK at Hammonasset as well as three PURPLE SANDPIPERS at the 
Meigs Point jetty and four NORTHERN GANNETS over Long Island Sound nearby.
On December 11th, more than 20 NORTHERN GANNETS were seen offshore and one
SHORT-EARED OWL and one AMERICAN BITTERN were reported on land.  On the
12th, there were six NORTHERN GANNETS off of Meigs Point. To reach 
Hammonasset Beach take I-95 to Exit 62.  Head south on the connector and 
proceed straight at the traffic light into the park.

CT RBA 1/9/02
A BOREAL CHICKADEE was found at Black Spruce Bog on Mohawk Mountain in
Goshen on January 6th.  Mohawk Mountain can be reached from Route 4 in
Goshen.  Coming from the junction of Routes 63 and 4, proceed west on Route
4 for about two miles and take a left onto Allyn Street, which merges into
Mohawk Mountain Road. When you get to the end of a cluster of park buildings
on the left, there is a sign on the right for the trail to Black Spruce Bog.
Walk up the trail, past the power cut, to the boardwalk. The BOREAL
CHICKADEE was present at the end of the boardwalk in the bog.

The BOREAL CHICKADEE was not relocated on the 8th, although both COMMON
REDPOLLS and PINE SISKINS were found at feeders along nearby Hagemann-Sheen

I'm pretty sure that exhausts my resources.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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Thanks.  The Boreal Chickadee sighting that I mention was definitely at the far western end of Hammonassett, so not the same as the one you have from 1999.  I can't believe that the sighting I recall didn't make it to the daily reports, but perhaps it didn't.  I wish I could remember who found it and who was there (Dave Provencher and Dori Sosensky, I'm pretty sure), as well as who saw the Black-throated Gray Warbler well.
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