[CT Birds] On the subject of searching CT records ...

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 18 14:06:07 EST 2013

Roy mentioned searching old records for instances of Boreal Chickadee so I thought I'd plug the search engine that's been available on the COA website for about a year that might be of interest. Just below the buttons on the top of most of the website pages is a search tool that will search the following:
	* All COA website text/documents which includes: all ARCC reports, all CT Warbler and COA Bulletin editions online.

	* All archives of both CTBirds and CT Daily.

You'll probably have to sift through the results but there is a lot of information available.

Also, Roy mentioned "Birds this Week" files that probably aren't online and not currently searched. And there may be some hard-core archivists among us that have the earliest CT birding emails in their mailboxes. Properly assembled, this data could also be searched if added (visibly or not) to the COA website. If you think you have a good collection of early CT birding data contact me. 

Happy Holidays!

Steve - COA website admin
Steve Morytko 
Ashford, CT

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