[CT Birds] Making your chickadees meaningful

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Wed Dec 18 17:56:57 EST 2013

All the reports from individuals on this list are interesting, but as others have noted, to see trends and draw conclusions, long-term results of strict-protocol efforts like the Breeding Birds Surveys and less strict but long-term efforts like the CBCs are needed. However, eBird now provides a different way to generate meaningful information - the generation of massive amounts of data from anyone interested in participating. The revolutionary part of eBird is that it allows everyone to easily enter data into a secure searchable database maintained by Cornell and National Audubon, on a daily basis if so inclined, on common birds. Everyone who reported about their chickadees to CTBirds (which is not a data base) can easily report all the birds at their feeder every day via eBird. The anecdotal info on CTBirds will eventually disappear, but anything entered into eBird will be available for analysis by anyone researching chickadees.  
Greg Hanisek  

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