[CT Birds] Boreal Chickadees on Connecticut CBCs

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Frank as you know, when Black-capped Chickadees move (irrupt) in decent numbers they often do so in groups. This is observable at hawkwatches or Morning Flight spots like Bluff Point. The 10 Boreals in 1981 were way before I started birding but I would hazard the guess that those birds (similarly to Black-capped) likely travelled together (or were part of a couple or so groups) and ended up wintering together. My experience with winter Boreal Chickadees is mostly in the White Mountains at elevations that are still quite high. The three I saw on 12/08/13 were above 4,000 feet. Based on my experience of population densities I'd have to say that 1981 must have been a remarkable year in which a very significant portion of the population in the northeast irrupted. I can't imagine finding 10 in CT!


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Thanks, Steve.
Of particular note is the total of 10 Boreal Chickadees recorded on the 12/27/81 Westport CBC.  These, and the totals from other years in that time-frame, were birds that often wintered at the Smith-Richardson Sanctuary (Christmas tree farm) of CT Audubon. For some reason, a disjunct population appeared there in Nov. through March or so. That particular total, as I recall, was reported by the young birding brothers Steven and David Sibley (along with father Fred, and others?).
Unfortunately, none have been found there in decades.

Frank Mantlik
(former Westport CBC Compiler)

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