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The Hartford CBC recorded 330 chickadees which is very much a ten year low.  The ten year average on the CBC (2003-2012) is 705 chickadees.  HOWEVER, the Count was conducted in a snowstorm on December 14th and coverage, especially of chickadee strongholds in the woodlands and reservoir lands, was down considerably from previous years.  It will be interesting to hear from other CBC compilers on this topic.

As a counterpoint to this conversation, our feeding station at Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton is loaded with chickadees.  I haven't seen as many in years.

Jay Kaplan




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Looking back at my CBC sheet from the Innis Arden Golf course (my assigned 
area), I saw no Chickadees. We generally get one - three at our feeder in 
Havemeyer Park.

We have seen very little activity of any kind on the feeder in the last few 
days. Had expected more given the snow.

AL Scuterud
Old Greenwich

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A fellow teacher told me that she is seeing fewer chickadees than normal.

Has anyone noticed a decline in chickadees?


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