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Glenn Wlliams et alia: Here is the story of the Hammonasset Boreal. I don't remember the exact year but it was a big winter for Crossbills, circa 2000. I was looking for them in the pines at the West Beach parking lot with no luck when I met a birder from Long Island who was visiting friends in Madison. She had heard about the Crossbills and hoped to add them to her life list. I told her that there was a good chance that they might be in the Camp Ground pines at the west end of the park where they often fed that year. We drove over and sure enough we saw lots of Crossbills -- and then we simultaneously saw the Boreal mixed in with the other birds. I remember her commenting how exciting it was to get two life birds just by going across Long Island Sound. I had been at the parking lot by the Nature Center earlier, along with many other birders, so I drove over with hopes some people might still be there. The first person I met was Arne Rosengren who sounded the alarm and the result was a procession of cars to the west end of the park. We did not relocate the bird. There was a large group of birders at the location the next day seemingly led by Dori Sosensky, again with no success in finding the Boreal. My recollection is that a youngster nicknamed "bike boy," who frequently birded at the park, reported finding the chickadee a few days later, but Dori was not convinced the report was valid.

Marty Moore

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The last Boreal Chickadee that I remember in Connecticut was at Hammonasset 
around the late fall of 2000.  An observer saw one at the western end of the 
park and came to get a bunch of us at the eastern end.  We found a nice mixed 
flock in the area, but the birds were moving further west and out of the park.  
One bird flew out and away that only a few got a decent look at - a 
Black-throated Gray Warbler.  I am assuming 2000 because it was a year or two 
later that another Black-throated Gray Warbler settled in on Willard's Island at 
Hammo in November+ in 2002.  Does anyone remember another Boreal Chickadee since 

Glenn Williams
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