[CT Birds] Hamden: 18 Rusty Bb (never had more than 2 before)

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Fri Dec 20 13:20:03 EST 2013

Last winter, we often had one or two;  on this year's Christmas count, I was glad to see 1 female.  So, when a dozen & a half or so Rusty Bb's came by briefly today to our feeders out back about noon, it was quite something.

I think the flock was all Rusties, and it was a mix of M & F.  They stayed a few minutes then left.  My wife, Mary, saw a flock of what she thought were Grackles last week, but….

Flo, they did cross in & out of RWA territory.

From Arthur Shippee:
12/20/13 - Hamden, North Lake Dr -- 18 or more Rusty Blackbirds, mixed M & F.

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