[CT Birds] Stratford, 12-21-13

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Sat Dec 21 23:39:20 EST 2013

Long Beach
2 Snowy Owls, apparent 1st year male plumage.  
One flying up and down back side of beach between end of  parking lot and 
the Osprey platforms. Landed several times on the sand above the  tide line 
and twice in bare trees while I was there. 2nd bird on the end of the  fence 
onto the beach from the last house on Oak Bluff Ave. That bird struck me  as 
not doing well. Eyes were closed almost all the time, very seldom looked  
around at all. Tail and underbelly appeared dirty. Seemed oblivious to many  
birders around it, sometimes very close. It was apparently in the same spot 
for  the entire 4 hours plus I was at the beach.
The two owls had almost identical plumage.
Causeway area:
1 dark morph Rough-legged Hawk patrolling its usual area along  the 
causeway and sometimes perching in trees near the roadway. 
3 Northern Harriers over the marsh, flying together. One  flew back and 
forth over the roadway.
2 Red-tailed Hawks together in a tree at the north end of the  marsh.
Short Beach: 
1 Snowy Owl on the shoreward end of the high jetty, very dark  bird, looked 
like the one I saw there two weeks ago. Probably 1st year  female.
2 Rough-legged Hawks on the old dump site behind the beach. 1  dark morph, 
1 light. Both birds could be seen teed up on bare trees when looking  from 
Rt 113 (Main St.). 
Don Morgan

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