[CT Birds] Update on Snowy Owl, Long Beach, Stratford

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Sun Dec 22 20:31:20 EST 2013

I just got a phone call from a gentleman, Phil Maddalena,   who I was with 
yesterday while observing  the 2 Snowy Owls that were  at Long Beach. We had 
seen the one down near Pleasure Beach first and then  walked back up, 
having been told that there was another bird perched on the  fence near the last 
house. I mentioned in my post late last night that I had a  feeling the 2nd 
bird was not well:
" 2nd bird on the end of the  fence  onto the beach from the last house on 
Oak Bluff Ave. That bird struck me   as not doing well. Eyes were closed 
almost all the time, very seldom  looked  around at all. Tail and underbelly 
appeared dirty. Seemed oblivious  to many  
birders around it, sometimes very close. It was apparently in  the same 
for  the entire 4 hours plus I was at the beach."
Phil called me to say that when he went back today with a  birder friend 
the Owl was still on the fence, one post back. I had mentioned to  him that I 
thought the bird was ill and when they saw it today it was apparently  even 
more obvious. They got in touch with a rehabber (I believe, first name was  
"Tod") who came out, looked at the bird and subsequently was able to walk up 
and  just take it off the post in his hands. He said that the bird was 
emaciated and  probably near death.  The soiled plumage I mentioned was from 
oil, and  the bird's feathers were soaking wet. If it had not been so warm it  
probably would have frozen to death (my thought).
This is all I know at this point. Phil is a member of this  list, although 
he does not post, and I've asked that he or his friend will post  some more 
details of what was done and said. We can only cross our fingers that  the 
bird will pull through. Apparently the rehabber mentioned that another Snowy  
had been rehabilitated and released at Hammo today. If anyone knows more 
details  of that I would like to know them as I assume we all would. Nice to 
hear some  good news once in a while.
Don  Morgan

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