[CT Birds] How was the year? Re: The Old Year

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Mon Dec 23 13:24:37 EST 2013

I can't match some of the astounding combination sightings like Jonah's, or anything especially remarkable, for various reasons.

But last winter we had a Red Breasted Nuthatch (or two) regularly at our feeders (I even rescued one who had gotten stuck) and a Rusty Blackbird or two regular as well.  And to have a RUBB and Sapsucker visit on this year's CBC was a delightful touch of luck.  The YBSS is such a beautiful bird.

Thanks, Jonah, for prompting me to remember, especially last winter's feathered friends.

On Dec 23, 2013, at 1:00 PM, Jonah Cohen <jonahc at cox.net> wrote:

> "... January First makes all things anew. All the birds tallied last year are gone by the boards. Everyone faces a clean slate. All birds, no matter how common, become new again. 
> Let us all have a great new Year.."
> ..paraphrased from "the Feather Quest.. By Pete Dunne
> Hmm, he sounds like a Jets fan  :)
> Anyway, as 2013 winds down, Bill's forward-thinking quote brings up a key point: how was your birding year?
> For my part... highlights certainly included seeing one of the Snowy Owls + the Fork-tailed Flycatcher in the space of a week, and a whole lot of ducks (including the Eurasian Teal) last spring at the Portland Fairgrounds. Managed a couple of species who had eluded me in recent years (Worm-eating Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler), and of course, Cerulean Warbler remained elusive. 
> Outside of CT, I traveled to Maine (lots of nice sea-birds) and New Mexico (lots of nice western birds). Let's be honest: Atlantic Puffins look like flying footballs, and Roadrunners look like psychotic chickens. (Also, not sure which was odder: lobster ice cream in bar Harbor, or green chile ice cream in Albuquerque; I did not buy either one.) And my life list topped 400.
> I hope the year was a good one for all of you, as well. Much thanks the ctbird for all of your assistance in bird-questing, and good luck in 2014.
> Jonah Cohen
> Newington
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