[CT Birds] Hammo, Stratford, 12-24-13

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Dec 24 23:31:57 EST 2013

Never saw less at Hammo than I did today. 1 Northern Pintail in  a puddle 
in a west end parking lot and 2 Northern Harriers in the east end  marshes. 
NO Horned Larks, etc. anywhere in the park. No owls or Rough-legged  Hawks. A 
few Dunlin and Sanderling at the rocks off the jetty. That's it. 
Long Beach, Stratford apparently has a new Snowy Owl. There  were 2 very 
lightly marked birds in the marsh between the beach and the  causeway. I 
understand they had been in the parking lot earlier. When I first  saw them 
around noon one was to the right of the channel and one was on the low  island to 
the left. (As seen from the end of the beach parking lot). But by 2  
o'clock the island was under water, and when I looked over the marsh the two  
birds were right next to each other beside the channel! No more than 10 feet  
apart. How often do we get to see 2 that close together? Pics at link below,  
Taken from Oak Bluff Ave, too far to be much good, but an interesting sight  

Nothing at all except a very few ducks at Short Beach
Don  Morgan

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