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Thanks for that breath of fresh air,
I want to share a Christmas morning moment from our backyard.
We have a small koi/goldfish pond that we built years ago.
The fish are fairly dormant now with the cold weather, but with the warm days that we just had, they search the pond edges for food, just two days ago I hand fed them a few morsels near the edge.
Christmas morning was cold but the fish still had a little activity left in them, suddenly a COMMON GRACKLE hops to the waters edge and takes a few sips from the unfrozen water, the 18" several pound koi thinks he's gonna get a handout and slowly swims up to the grackle, LOL the grackle trips over itself trying to get away from the koi, wings are flapping, feathers flying and finally the grackle gets out of it's stumble and flees, leaving the koi (I imagine) thinking where's my food?
What a moment! Just wanted to share it.

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Date: Thursday, December 26, 2013 9:17 am
Subject: [CT Birds] Sherwood gifts
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> I'm having one of my best birding moments right now near the 
> west end platform at Sherwood Island SP in Westport. No,it's not 
> a life bird or even a rarity that I've happened upon.I'm 
> watching and listening to a small group of birds feeding-Brown 
> Thrasher,3 male Eastern Towhees,Fox Sparrow,Hermit Thrush, 
> Bluejays, Titmice,Carolina Wren,White-throated and Song 
> Sparrows,Chickadees,white-breasted Nuthatch, and a Yellow- 
> bellied Sapsucker and Downy Woodpecker in the tree above. 
> Many bountiful gifts indeed. 
> Tina Green
> Westport
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