[CT Birds] Old Lyme Snowy Owl (s)

Hank Golet htg1523 at att.net
Sat Dec 28 19:12:13 EST 2013

>From Hank Golet,
12/28, Old Lyme, Great Island. One SNOWY OWL was seen all day out on the beach, west side of Great Island.
A second SNOWY OWL was seen by Bob MacDonnell around 4:15 near the south end of the Island . Shortly both birds flew north and landed on two separate osprey platforms up island where they stayed until it was too dark to see them.
   Joel Hawkins had seen  a Snowy on Griswold Pt earlier and had seen that bird fly to the area where Bob saw his,,,,,,so definitely 2.
 All viewing was from the Smith Neck boat launch area. 

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