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 From Bruce Kindseth, 12/28:
There was a PALM WARBLER on my Narragansett front 
porch this morning.
 From Joe Koger, 12/28:
Today at Sachuest Wildlife Refuge, there were 3 
SNOWY OWLS, 1 Horned Grebe, 1 Red-necked Grebe, 5 Common Goldeneyes, 15 
Harlequin Ducks, 30 Purple Sandpipers, 127 Snow Buntings, 10 Surf Scoters, 1 
Green-winged Teal, 12 Black Scoters, and 13 Buffleheads. In Warren 
reservoir there were 25 Hooded Mergansers and 1 female NORTHERN SHOVELER. 
In Pawtucket, there were 52 Gadwall and 2 Hooded Mergansers. At ASRI's 
Touisset Wildlife Refuge, there was a SNOWY OWL on the bridge 
 From Keith and Jen Mueller, 
A few Highlights from today:
 - Scarborough 
Beach south, 9:30 am- 1 (probably 2) adult BLACK-HEADED GULLS around the area of 
the Treatment Plant discharge pipe. 
Unfortunately, every time we had the 
flock of Gulls come to the beach, 
this out-of-control Golden Retriever which 
was running loose up and 
down the beach would scatter the flocks. 
Unfortunately, the owner 
thought it was amusing and did nothing to control 
the dog for nearly 
an hour. I am fairly confident at one time when the gull 
flock was 
being chased by the dog, I saw 2 Black-headed Gulls. They both 
and flew west towards Pt. Judith Pond.
 - Galilee Harbor- 2 
banded 1st cycle Great Black-backed Gulls wearing 
Appledore Island black leg 
 - Beavertail Point: raft of 600-650 seaducks mostly Black 
Scoter, some 
Surf and a few White-winged Scoter. 19 Harlequin and 200 Common 
 - Off Fort Wetherill at the Marine Division dock- 1 Red-necked 
 - From Cliff walk: 50 Scaup (mostly Lesser Scaup) and a possible 
Pacific Loon. I saw the bird for a few moments before it dove. We 
saw it surface. If anyone is in the area, it was just a few 
yards north of 
the 40 steps area. On a sad note- deceased small whale 
on the rocks below 07 
on the walk.
 From Carlos Pedro, 12/28:
Attached are 3 photos taken this morning at 
Easton's Pond of 2 Great Blue Herons, an adult and a juvenile. No other 
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Rachel Farrell

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