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Here are a couple, Nick:

Read Jack Connor's book, "The Complete Birder."  There are a couple of minor errors in it, but it has some really good tips for bird ID, and the shorebird chapter emphasizing size-sorting, is a really good start.  

Attend the COA shorebird workshop every August. The leaders (and participants) will go out of their way to help you with identification tips.

Go to Jamaica Bay from July through September.  Go a lot.  Watch the peeps at your feet.  Watch the subway-borne photographers, covered in muck, goose poop, sunburn and mosquito bites.  Better yet JOIN the subway-borne photographers and get covered in muck, goose poop, sunburn and mosquito bites. Study your photos, preferably in a much more cozy, air conditioned, location.  Then you'll be ready to apply what you've learned to the slightly more distant shorebirds at Sandy Point and Milford Point.

Read any and all good shorebird guides.  Avoid that old single-volume NAS guide that screws up Western and Semi Sandpiper.  Avoid the Peterson Guide for Young Naturalists Shorebirds Guide because it is horribly incomplete. Any birder above the age of 6 can handle a "normal" Peterson's Guide that shows all of the shorebirds.  

Go to Sandy Point and Milford Point.  July through September.  A lot. 

When at Sandy Point or Milford Point, don't get too twisted when a juvy Merlin (or a fisherman) flushes the flock.  That's the time to check out the wings and the call notes.  

Take your time.  Ask questions of the others, that you encounter in the field.

Best of luck!  Shorebirds are fairly easy.  After all, they aren't gulls....

Steve Mayo

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Hi everybody I was just wondering if anyone would have any helpful tips on
how to identify shore birds

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