[CT Birds] My Rusty Blackbird

Joe Zygala shilohdad01 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 20:00:44 EST 2013

Of course, it never came back. I even got out my good camera, lens and tripod and set it up. Must be like carrying an umbrella, carry it and it never rains.

A couple of list members responded, mentioning a similar bird in Danbury quite a few years ago that they chased, hoping for Brewer's Blackbird. I had thought of Brewer's, but the beak was all wrong for that, and all right for Rusty. But, dang, I saw no rusty plumage. Of course, it was a dark, dreary, drizzly day. If there was rustiness, I did not see it. But, everything else screamed Rusty, so Rusty it is.

Joe Zygala
South Salem, NY (a.k.a., West Ridgefield)

P.S., the cowbird flock it was following (25 that day) has now increased to 55 birds! I really, really looked, but nary a pale eye in the flock.

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