[CT Birds] Solitaire ID

John Weeks aerie.john at cox.net
Wed Jan 1 10:26:03 EST 2014

I'll try to phrase this question as diplomatically as possible.

I believe it is accepted practice, when reporting an extremely rare bird, to provide a detailed description of it and give the reasons for ruling out similar-looking species.  Unless I am mistaken, no such description has appeared yet on CTBird.

Could the birder who first reported the Solitaire -- and who is so far the only person to have seen it -- please post an account of what the bird looked like?  I don't mean to prejudge what I haven't seen myself, but there are some species (Mockingbird leaps to mind) that could -- under the right circumstances -- be mistaken for a Solitaire.


John Weeks
North Granby

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