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 Although our paths did not cross until about 2008, Dennis and I found common ground and quickly became good friends.
 Me from spending my lifetime on the waters of Long Island Sound and Dennis for his love of the beauty and science surrounding this area. 
We had at the least one thing in common...birds!
Back then, I was enthralled with the thousands of White-winged Scoter and other winter over species that I would see from my boat outside of the Norwalk Islands during the winter, so was Dennis... this is where we became friends.
>From dredging bottoms samples in the Scoter feeding area's from Norm Bloom's Oysterboats to plankton towing with Dr. Barkley to just doing simple stuff, my times with Dennis were always incredible.
Something that hasn't been mentioned, is Dennis's green thumb, he was forever growing seeds over the winter in his basement greenhouse, one of his forte's was digitalis (foxglove)
One year he gave us over 80 assorted digitalis seedlings that we planted, he warned us not to expect anything until the next year.
Well a garden year goes by, it's May, we talk and I tell him that the previous years plants are growing by leaps and bounds, buds but no flowers.
Two weeks pass and we  now have those 80 plus foxglove blooming galore all over the yard it's just incredible... the phone rings...it's Dennis.
So how does you garden look now? He say's with a chuckle!
I still laugh every I time I think of that call.
Today a few years later,we now have many hundreds if not thousands of Den's offspring plants growing in the yard, he and I have often discussed this and we just laugh our butt's off. I'd tell him every time we walk in the yard,  Dennis, your there and there and there, every where in the yard,...he knows...and we still laughed about it in his last days

The precious times that Dennis and I spent together will never be forgotten.
It is an great honor to have him as a friend.

Larry Flynn

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