[CT Birds] RED-HEADED WOODPECKER, North Stamford

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 15:39:24 EST 2014

North Stamford backyard-- Just as I returned from Todd's Point this afternoon I was rewarded with a beautiful adult RED-HEADED WOODPECKER. I was literally unwrapping suet and daydreaming about yardbirds as I turned to the feeders to see this guy! He was eating seed from the tube feeder for a few minutes then flew west across the road. Not bad for only having my feeders up for 2 days!!

Greenwich Point- 
4th year Bald Eagle sitting in an oak tree, just as you enter the park. 

4- Snow Bunting next to the entrance booth.
1- Male Pintail
1- Chipping sparrow mixed in with white throats and song sparrows. 

Stefan Martin
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